Tobacco Crop

Tobacco (local name Tambaku) is an important cash crop of Pakistan. It is the 2nd prominent cash crop after sugarcane. Our province (KPK) leaded all the other three provinces of the country both in area & production of tobacco. In addition to provide employment opportunities for the people who are engaged in its production, it earns foreign exchange for the country through export to other countries. The crop grows well within temperature of 13-40C. At Malakand Model Farms it is grown over an area of 32 acres. The common variety i.e Nicotiana tabacum (FCV, Cultivars PTB No.1,2,3 & 4) the flue cured Virginia or cigarette are recommended & grown at the MMF. The soil of Malakand is very much fertile and the environmental conditions are very much favorable for the growing of quality Virginia tobacco. There are so many stage involved in tobacco growing i.e nursery transplantation, crop supervision, curing, grading and finally marketing. MMF has its sale arrangements with various national and multinational tobacco companies whose depots are located in the area.