About Us

Welcome to Malakand Model Farms:

Malakand Model Farm (MMF) is an Agricultural farm, where a number of Cereals, Vegetables and Orchards are grown/cultivated on Modern & Scientific Techniques. MMF is a leading Agricultural farm in KPK in producing quality Agricultural commodities. MMF recently won the nationaly recognized “Farm of the Year in Pakistan 2015” award from Ministry of National Food Security & Research (MNFSR) Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC).

Pakistan is an agricultural country of more than 200 million population. Modern Agriculture is based on recent scientific ventures and experiences of successive model farming. The present agro-technological advancements have replaced the old crop production practices with improved cultural techniques. The new agricultural methodology is the dire need of the day to achieve food security. Malakand model farm’s being an agricultural farm is fully aware of these realities. Although significant gains have been achieved in the past two decades, the yield of the most field crops are still much below their potential. Crop yield can be improved by growing an ideal crop cultivar in an optimal soil and climatic conditions with the best management practices.

Our OBJECTIVES: To produce quality crop plants for temperate, tropical and subtropical climatic zones and soil conditions coupled with the production of a wide variety of agriculturalcrops, forest and agro forestry plants.

Our VISION: We envision, cultivable, barren, culturable waste lands, transformed into lush green fields of crops, trees for better livelihoods and ecologically sound environments.

Our MISSION: To produce, provide and replicate / multiplicate quality crops, fruits plants, forest plants and other vital agriculture inputs at reasonable and affordable rates at the door step of the consumers.